Daily Archive: July 21, 2003


[Fwd: 2-3 more inches, guaranteed!]

Is anyone else sick of getting these ad nauseam? Subject: 2-3 more inches, guaranteed!From: “VPRX” (jnode8046nr@rocketmail.com)Date: Sun, July 20, 2003 2:05 pm————————————————————————– VP-RX Penis Enlargement Pills Click Here Finally!! A medical breakthrough in science has enabled a team of doctors...


a rather pleasant day

Sunday was actually a rather pleasant day, even if I was in a little pain later from all the walking. I woke up and was pondering an omelette for breakfast when I got a call from C asking if I...


a nice fresh breeze

There is nothing quite like walking to work in the city and getting a nice fresh breeze blowing your way… until you realize after a second what’s being carried on that breeze and your face just makes the “ew” face....