a nice fresh breeze

There is nothing quite like walking to work in the city and getting a nice fresh breeze blowing your way… until you realize after a second what’s being carried on that breeze and your face just makes the “ew” face.

The weekend was pretty good, yesterday was full of exercise though, my legs are a little achy from the walking.

Friday was our usual sci-fi night get together, minus the having dinner together as I met C out for a drink, roomie went to 7-11 and Rob & Peter did their own things too. Which quite frankly is for the best as Peter’s doing weight watchers right now, which makes him inclined to tell us that he can’t eat anything at certain places that we suggest (with the implication that we should pick someplace else, rather than him making a suggestion or taking responsibility for his food choices). Having dealt with the weight loss demon myself (and pondering it again) I know how difficult it can be to try and lead a normal social life with friends since a lot of it can revolve around food, but it’s all about choices. Namely the choice to be slim or a lard ass.

(Don Knotts is 79 yrs old today… “fuckin’ Don Knotts!”)

Saturday was an enjoy the A/C day, got up, watched toons with cereal and met a friend for lunch, walked over to his part of town, making me realize that I really have to get better used to the sun/heat/etc, but also that we’re having a really temperate summer, I’m just not USED to it. After lunch was had it was back home, back to my bigchair and back to watching some serious TV and a few hours later it was “i dunno, whaddayouwannado?” back and forth until we ended up going out for a few drinks.. and a few more. Saw a guy out that my friend is interested in, unfortunately he was out with another guy but oddly enough made sure to come over and say hi. And the guy he was out with was sort of one of my ex’s as in we tumbled once or twice, but he has way too much of an underwear fetish.

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