still feeling each other out

It’s been a good weekend so far.. and being this late, it should prove to stay that way. Christopher and I (yes, he has a name) got together on Friday night with friends and the roomie and the roomie’s new current beau and watched “Notorious C.H.O.”, hilarious. Then we just bummed around a bit and chatted. It feels like at times, we’re still feeling each other out as far as expectations go, but overall I get a good feeling from things.

Saturday was yard sale in the morning then bum my way into the evening. I managed to get a coffee bean grinder for $1.. If only I drank coffee. Then Christopher and I got together for a drink and some darts at Titan, then back to his place to geek out a little with Deep Space Nine. I also got a delivery of flowers from a friend that harbors feelings for me, but sent the flowers to congratulate me on being part of an “us” now. (hm, people read my journal and send me gifts… i like that. my birthday’s on September 13!)

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