watching Meet the Press over coffee

Ouch. Not sure why I woke up *this* sore this morning. I did bowl 5 games last night, but still that doesn’t explain it. I suspect that I’m not comfortable in my bed, or that I’ve forgotten how to get comfortable in it. I should probably be going to bed much earlier anyway, but that’s not going to happen. I need a nice gentle over the counter easy sleepy pill, but nothing designed to cure insomnia, just to nudge you over the edge into snooze-ville.

It’s been a good couple of days, I’ve just been enjoying them too much.

Saturday did turn out to be a fun time, met Christopher’s friend Katrina and some of his coworkers and TSR’s, had more to drink than I usually do on the weekend, and won a little prize for best bowler. Christopher came in second though, naturally. There’s just something wrong with the fact that drunk as a skunk, in a darkened bowling alley with a ball two pounds lighter than I normally roll, I still manage to bowl a relatively high game… Or maybe it was just Christopher’s trash talking.

Few Sunday morning moments match sitting with someone you like and watching Meet the Press over coffee.. and neither of you is pretending to be interested in it for the sake of the other one. But it did make me realize that while I still am not all that gaga about politics, I do need to get hold of a paper more often. Too many of the online newspapers are charging for access, or making you register for access, *bleh*.

I’ve polished off a few movies from Netflix lately, ‘Y Tu Mama Tambien’ and ‘Crash’. The former was good but got way too much hype, in my opinion, based on the “frank depictions of sex”, and the latter was.. ok, and just plain had way too much sex. It interfered with the movie. Though seeing James Spader get it on with another guy… well that made it somewhat worth it.

I think I may need to read ‘The Art of Happiness’ again. I’m losing my cool too much lately, not externally, but internally and its hard to regain my center. Admittedly, I’m not in the best of situations right now, I’ve got too many friends taking and not giving. I’ve never been one to place expectations on a friendship (at least not since I was 10 or something), but it seems some people do, yet they don’t feel it necessary to express these expectations until they feel disappointed with the way things are.

I had a good conversation with Christopher last night before bed. Sometimes life throws more at us than we think we can handle, though sometimes we need to take a step back and realize just how much of things aren’t our responsibility or our fault. If everyone had the perfect life, we wouldn’t be able to recognize the value of it.

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