a desire to redecorate

I’m possessed lately with a desire to redecorate or something. I’m starting to hate the way my room looks. It feels too cluttered. Now I do have things in here that are mainly just hanging around until they’re collected by family/friends, a dresser and other stuff. But still, I just can’t seem to figure out how I want to put it together. I guess with the way things are lately, I want to feel more comfortable in my room as it is my only sanctuary when the joy is being sucked out of the rest of the apartment. There’s also the money concerns, I just don’t have enough to radically redecorate, so I have to make do with what I have. And that means instead of obtaining storage solutions, I have to create them by releasing “stuff”. And I try to, but that’s not easy with a roommate that looks at the trash pile by the door and says “you’re not throwing that out, are you?” Yes, this trash pile currently contains a stereo reciever, and 4 stereo speakers, but I wouldn’t be throwing them out if they weren’t junk!

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