What ruins my Happy Morning Fun Time Buzz? Realizing that I’ve only got the one Nutri-Grain bar to get me through the day. Normally I have one around breakfast time and a second around lunch time. I’ve never been much of an office eater type of person. And right now I’m trying to exercise more than usual elf-control so I can make it through the holidays without packing on an additional 15 pounds (at the least). It’s a double whammy, Oct/Nov/Dec, full of snacky/foody holidays, and in the time of year that one isn’t inclined to get outside and move their arse.
Anyway, I don’t eat too much during the workday. It’s not an eating disorder, more of an eating re-ordering. Or I could just go Atkins and say goodbye to Brian the Baker. Yeah, right, screw that.
But bowling’s tonight, so that’s something to look forward to, plus there will hopefully be another episode of Carnivale for me to view. Then I have to figure out what I’m taking with me to PA, I haven’t been on a trip this entire year, but it’s only a quick double overnighter with dessert and riparian delights.
(ok, not really, but I just like saying riparian)

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