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I’m noticing, being in cubicle land with a bunch of other web types, that people are really good at noticing when others are in their ‘space’ and quickly switching from that website they were looking at back to something that looks like work. Well, almost, but I tend to be like a feline ninja, even in my clunky shoes, so people rarely know I’m around.
Then again, this place, like so many others has a “surf but not too much” philosophy. And the stuff is likely being tracked, but like most web users I really only go to the same sites over and over again.
The stuff I’m doing here makes me really think about re-doing, or at least updating my website. I don’t even have a site map, and my knowledge of linking things on a unix server were badly out of date when I did it. Though to my credit, Dreamweaver seems to only be good at one type of relative linking and not very good with root directories.
The few days I’ll have to myself have really made me realize that I have too much stuff. I did a quick run through the closet and bagged up some clothes to be tossed out, but even so I could stand to get r
id of some more things. My computer area is like a temple to dust, I must find a good cord management system, but nothing too permanent. Maybe I’ll get some of those zip cord things, something I can easily snip through when I’m ready to move things, but having the cords on the floor just makes it harder to get at the dust when I sweep. This is important if I plan to make more computer purchases/upgrades/changes. After having access to ‘ dvd recordable drive, I know I want one of my own, it’s SO much easier for making archives of all sorts of things, though I think one day I definitely want all my working files, music and stuff on a moveable external something. Then apps and games will be all that’s on the computers, which is fine.
I feel like I’ve made a good start towards organization with the cds, but I have to keep going. For instance, my two monitors should probably just be given away, or if I get frustrated enough, thrown out for some dumpster diver to get his/her hands on. Or maybe sent home to the parents. My window A/C unit could be sold, it’s still quite worthy, unless Rob & Peter weren’t telling me something about it while they borrowed it. I have a microwave oven still weighing down my car’s trunk, and I’m not certain what to do with it, but I think I’m pretty secure that it could be replaced fairly easily. I have to stop thinking of it in terms of h
ow much money I spent and think more along the lines of “have I gotten that money back in terms of usage?” Hell, I replaced a 17″ and 19″ monitor with two 19″ flat screens for about the same money today that I paid for the big monitors *then* – ridiculous, but that’s the way of things.
I just never want to be a person that has a place the fire department wouldn’t come into.. or if the sprinklers went off, I’d freak out over how much stuff would be ruined. I’m barely a few years away from summoning my feline brethren and becoming an old cat lady.
Hm, does my ease of associating myself with a cat make me a furry? If so, it’s probably about at that same stealth level that I’m a geek/dork/nerd. Only my close friends know for sure…

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