Work and blogging?

I was doing a search for bloggers that have raised the point of working and blogging, especially in IT fields where it wouldn’t be hard for your peers and managers (and on up) to find your personal website (mine’s easily extractable from the e-mail address on my resume).
During that search I found this site, which is extremely addictive It’s like reading Bitch Session without the attitude. I guess I can’t really care much about who might read my journal, since I’m sure there are people out there reading it that I don’t know.. that I do know.. and even some of which that would claim to want nothing to do with me. Pity I started making some entries friends only, or even more exclusively restricted.
It’s a good thing it took this long for online journals to catch on, or the performance art craze might have been radically different. “Who needs to melt army men in a frying pan of crisco? I can pour my life into a jou
rnal and gain a much bigger audience.”
I don’t know that I particularly have that much invested in the office that I would proclaim or complain about it yet. I mean when you’re in gov’t contracting, there are some things that are just standard. Quick deadlines, shifting priorities, unreasonable clients, hardly seems worth complaining about. And so far my co-workers are very pleasant people. Plus, for the most part, my job is kinda run of the mill. Web Development stuff, at its base is more keeping everything looking food than creating bold new sites, we leave that to the Designers (who I’m sure have plenty to bitch about when working for the gov’t.)
I’m trying to play this job a lot differently than the last one, actually socializing with my co-workers. At my last job, it sort of bit me in the ass, more than once, but that was crossing the contractor/client line. But these people are fun, and I did join this place in the most social time of the year. I’m pondering getting cards this weekend to pass around to my co-workers on Monday, just not sure if I’ll be able to find suitably “Brian” ones.

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