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So apparently Sunday was just the start of a crappy week. I do suppose it deserves a little more explanation though. Basically, my friends have gone out of town and I’m housesitting, since they know it’s as much of a vacation for me to have a house to myself and get away from my apartment as it is for them to leave town. Anyway, I have another friend that feels much the same about his apartment so I invited him to hang out with me over the weekend.

Their house is close to Dupont Circle so it only made sense that we should go out once or twice, and we did. Unfortunately, going out for me is like the dessert, not the main course. I enjoy it for a while, but if it’s not mentally stimulating after a while, then I get bored and want to leave, either to another bar or out for coffee or just home. Generally this is why I try to go with people that are the same or I maintain my own transportation. Anyway, Friday was fine, we went out, dancing/drinking, he ends up dancing with someone else and I dance on my own and after a while we go home. Sunday was the night I’m a little upset by. We went out again, had a decent time, more dancing (me alone, him with someone he met there), and the evening comes to a close and he’s still talking to some guy while I’m across the room trying to remain interested, but just bored. It’s important to say at this point that there’s only *one* key to the house and that my friend has left his phone, car and house keys back at the house. So the long and short of it is, he asks if I’m ready to go (which you don’t ask if you’re also not ready to go), I say yes, and he says, well this guy wants to dance some more, so I ask him what he wants to do about the situation. (giving him a chance to display insight and thought) He says, “Well can I just come by later and I’ll ring the doorbell?” Being a little stunned, I was very short with him, said fine and left on my own.

He didn’t strike me as the kind of person that would satisfy his own desires at the expense of others, since I then had to stay up until he got home, since I am a deep sleeper. He finally got back, I let him in, didn’t say anything and went to bed.

The other less troubling thing was just that I am going to be 30 in 10 days. This morning I noticed gray hairs in my goatee, I’m still single, and after 2 nights of going out dancing and looking pretty good, at least I thought I was, I get no attention from anyone while my friend with major body issues ends up dancing with 3 guys. And the ad I recently put in the Blade has only drawn attention from people at least 15-20 years older than me. I sometimes wonder what the point is of all that I do to try to get myself into shape if there are no peripheral payoffs from it.

Then this morning I get to the office to find that my coffee mug that I make oatmeal in every morning is missing. It’s not where I left it, it’s not where I wouldn’t leave it, and I can’t go from desk to desk checking around for it since that basically accuses everyone in the office of stealing. I put a note up in the pantry, but I doubt I’ll see my mug (and spoon) again.

This just isn’t going to be a good week. Possibly not a good two weeks.

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