the salt monster attacked…

I’m just minding my own business, working on converting a 105 page word document from the mangled mockery of html that microsoft somehow thinks is actually good markup… groovin to tunes, sipping my water, when all of a sudden it hits..
The salty zone of my tongue says ‘you must have potato chips and we’re going to flood your mouth with saliva until you get some.’
So I go to the cafeteria.. but the chips bag looks awfully small, so I lean around the stand and see pork rinds, another favorite guilty pleasure. After a brief negotiation, we agree that pork rinds will do, but the plain flavored bags look a little ratty, small pieces, hard and crunchy instead of light and crispy, so I do something I promised my cousin Katrina when I was maybe 10 years old that I would never ever do.. I reach for the “Salt & Vinegar” flavored pork rinds.
When I was little, I tasted S&V potato chips once, it was so foul to me that I swore off them for life. But when the sal
t monster’s rattling the cage, you don’t argue. Suffice to say that I am APPEASED, and my ban on S&V flavored things may be at an end. And Microsoft sucks.

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