Ok, all is well

I got my coffee and a blueberry muffin and things are good.
I saw an exhibit of African American quilts at The Textile Museum this weekend. I wish that it had been larger, but still a great exhibit, and the museum itself is in a lovely old house in a great area surrounded by the diplomatic embassies and residences. I took pictures, but forgot to upload them to the web. 😛
Johnny English was funny, extremely Atkinson, but John Malkovich with a french accent was a pleasant surprise as well, beyond that the cast was made up of virtual unknowns (to America) and that was refreshing as well. Except if you were wondering what happened to Natalie Imbruglia of (more recent) “Torn” and cosmetic commercial fame, she was in it. Though she did have a television career in Australia in her teens, I shouldn’t expect most to know that.
Roommate quote of the evening: “Natalie Imbruglia? She’s a singer not an actress, what’s she doing in a movie?”

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