all french eat frogs… all americans are fat…

Those are just two of the stereotypes poked at in The Triplets of Bellville, the roomie got a free advance screening for it last night, and it was a great film. French animation, very little dialogue, which is good for most since it was all in French and there were no subtitles. It’s hard to describe without blasting away the plot, but it’s definitely a fun movie. It was preceded by an animated short Destino, a collaboration of Salvador Dali and Walt Disney. Its hard for me to recommend anyone go see it as I think ticket prices are like $9.50 or something, but maybe a matinee would be cheaper.
All in all, a nice evening at the movies. Plus we got to see the new Landmark E St. Cinema before anyone else. There was a quick welcome & intro that some guy from the theater gave and he says “You are the first people to ever sit in those seats at this theater.” so that was cool.
Tonight is more free filmage: Monster up in Friendship H
eights. Then I got passes for another movie next week. After this January, it’s going to be hard to want to pay for a film! Plus I do have about 60 movies in my Netflix queue that I really should make my way through before adding any more.

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