“chilli what’s up wit’ dat sauce?”

Last night’s virgin chili attempt turned out really good. Beans, meat, veggies, a healthy helping of garlic and a sprinkle of cinammon. Easiest meal ever, I swear, the most effort was chopping and browning. I got two loads of laundry done while it was simmering, though I am a habitual sitirrer, so I did do that a bit in between other chores.
Topped with a little bit of cheese and snacked on with wheat bread, it was so yummy and very comforting. And best of all, leftovers! I still think its time to replace my slow cooker though, has valiantly offered to host me in the burbs with a possible shopping trip to Target which would be cool since aside from my birthday party, I haven’t seen him socially outside of LSF functions… which are nice, but you can’t tightly socialize without seeming like a clique, and LSF already has enough of those. Speaking of LSF, I have to decide once and for all whether I’m going to finish the book Spin State or just send it along with the roomie to be returned to its owner. I’m rather enjoying my nights having the apartment to myself. (if only it could just be %
22to” myself and not always “by” myself)
The work day is already moving too slowly, but I’m busy.

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