I know *I* don’t wanna see that…

Avert Your Eyes! – it’s not about Janet’s tit, it’s about HDTV and Hi Def Porn. Having seen Hi Def versions of some shows… it has the potential to be very unpretty. As Patsy said in AbFab, “You wanna watch TV Eds, every wrinkle becomes a grand canyon”
I don’t know if I’ll get HDTV at my place.. I did get a TV tuner card for the PC, so it’s going to become My Own… Personal… Tivo… for a while and I can dump the other tv in the room. I just need about 50 feet or so of video cable since the tv outlet was so inconveniently placed in the room. Still, it’ll be nice to have the things I want recorded digitally and ready for DVD creation if I so choose. If only I didn’t have to fuddle with 800 remote controls.
Still very few people in the office today. I dunno about other people, but when I heard freezing rain.. and won’t start until 4am or so.. I knew we’d be open, but I figured on a delay since there wasn’t really any snow. It’s like having a big Snooze button on the whole morning, but I’m here because I *like* getting off work early.. and I only need about 6 hrs sleep on any given day anyway. 😛

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