Oh yes.. another article about the boobie…

Actually this one’s more about TiVo.. Jackson stunt most replayed moment ever… I’m a little concerned that the TiVo’s usage statistics are so easily available.. and on occasion released to the media (and the advertisers as well, I assume). But I guess I shouldn’t expect anything less. You can’t make money on a service unless you can track demographics.
There’s a co-worker that I’ve had to have the same conversation 3 times a week regarding why she never hears anything really good on the radio. She doesn’t seem to get that radio isn’t so much about the commercials, as being able to know exactly what type of person is listening at what time. Same reason MTV went to shows and moved away from videos, oh but there’s MTV2 if your cable provider allows it. Which is a sad fact in itself as MTV runs ads for MTV2 that strike back at themselves, labelling MTV2 “Where the Music’s At.”
Ah well, thanks to the donation of cable by Rob & Peter from their overwhelmingly large supply, I am now getting my D
irecTV on the computer and on a screen that’s perhaps less than an inch smaller, diagonally, than my old television set. I’m still playing around with recording stuff, but last night during Enterprise I had to go to the bathroom… (Hmm, Star Trek makes me go potty?) and I “paused” the live TV stream, then resumed it when I got back. It worked great, I turned on the TV in the main room to listen to the difference and it was a perfect delay. At the next commercial I turned off the playback and was back in sync. Extremely cool. 🙂

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