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From today’s City Paper, Loose Lips – Right of Way
Another Gay Republican loses faith.. so that’s 1 more down, what, 98 to go? I love the second paragraph in this excerpt.

On Tuesday, the president turned D.C.’s popularly elected GOPer into even more of a maverick. Bush announced his support for a constitutional amendment banning marriage for gay and lesbian couples, a clear sop to right-wingers in his party who’ve been squawking about this issue for months. Their rationale is that government sanctioning of same-sex marriages might weaken society as we know it.
Yes, just think of the wreckage in the District alone! Such vibrant neighborhoods as Logan Circle and Capitol Hill have suffered greatly from the infusion of gay couples equipped with drywall, joint compound, and fierce nesting instincts!
Bush’s announcement reverberated in the Dupont Circle home that Catania and Kearney moved into last year. Catania considered the White House statement “revolting.” “My fundraising days for
President Bush are over,” he says. “The degree of disappointment I have in him is so profound.”

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