urban hymns

Oh the city takes on such a different feel when you give it your own soundtrack. Today was some lovely good old-fashioned house music courtesy of Dimitri of Paris and a new Defected “In the House” 3 cd mix set.
The migraines that had me at home and off work yesterday have subsided, and it’s raining so my allergies won’t be all out of control. All in all, looks to be a good day. Went grocery shopping yesterday and picked up the essentials as well as some non-essentials, but it’s all good since I saved nearly 50% on my grocery order with specials and coupons. I love when they ask for your little shopper/bonus card *after* they’ve scanned everything. It’s like Vegas, watching all the discounts tally up. I should shop like that more often. I think the only item that wasn’t discounted were the lemons. 🙂
I’m looking forward to today passing by swiftly and without incident, there’s a movie preview tonight and my fingers are still crossed for winning preview tickets to Kill Bill vol. 2, but it’s supposed to be t
omorrow night and I haven’t heard anything so I guess that was a bust. Or maybe they’re just drawing it out for the suspense of the thing.

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