mmmm, 0 calorie sweetness…

So I went and got a salad.. and some grapes *mmmm* and a Diet Pepsi Vanilla.. it’s not bad, I guess I’ll start trying diet colas for when I want something that’s not water.
I should call my parents and find out what the holiday plans are. I was talking to a friend online who mentioned that he’s cutting his xmas visit down to about 12 hours. Which is impressive since he lives in NY and parents are in VA and he’s riding the bus, most likely.
I’m going for a few days, as my parents haven’t seen me all year long aside from when my father visits the area. My brother goes home all the time, I think, but he lives closer, so its easier for him to make a day trip of it.
Anyway, we were talking about why people dread “going home” for the holidays, and it boiled down to the point that the person they grew up with and the person you are now are two different people, and vice versa. My parents seem so *old* now, and a part of me, though I love them more from a far, doesn’t want that to happen. And I’m not the quiet child that just accepted being treated like crap while keeping everything to
himself. Even now, my parents rarely call to see how I’m doing, they call when they need help or advice with something, usually computer related. Plus when I go home, there’s nothing to do. I don’t know anyone there, my parents don’t seem to do anything. Usually, I relax by offering to cook dinner or make a dessert. There’s only so much TV I can watch at a time.
And out of the blue, my father calls me at work to discuss upcoming holiday travel plans. They’ll be coming to DC soon after I come back for the African American Masters exhibit. So they’ll be in town for a few days, which will be interesting, to say the least. Having them both on my turf.
*ugh* Y’know, caesar salad just isn’t the same without anchovies.. (never thought I’d ever say I *missed* anchovies)

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