Daily Archive: April 26, 2004


tedious, but painless

This is some really tedious crap-work I’m doing, converting a 120 page document for use on the web, but at least it gets the time moving along. I’ve got the iPod on randomize, and the co-workers are all quietly working...


pins cower in fear

Our Week Fourteen Standings are as follows: TEAM STANDINGS: PL PT TM TEAM NAME MEMBERS 01 69 08 BEAVERS (Wiener/Bryant/Kessner/Colgan) 02 59 13 THE HORNDOGS (Potter/Mosley/Sumner/Walsh) 03 59 05 8 BALLS – 4 PINS (Schug/Purdy/O’Leary/Miller) 04 58 16 SLAP AND...


so conflicted

I agree that the state of science fiction on prime time network tv is in dire straits, but I can’t get behind the Save Enterprise campaign. This is truly an example of blind faith. The show sucks. Even hardcore fans...