Daily Archive: April 28, 2004


Goin’ for the silver.. or the bronze!

Our Week Fifteen Standings are as follows: TEAM STANDINGS: PL PT TM TEAM NAME MEMBERS 01 71 08 BEAVERS (Wiener/Bryant/Kessner/Colgan) 02 66 13 THE HORNDOGS (Potter/Mosley/Sumner/Walsh) 03 65 16 SLAP AND TICKLE (Gray/Mansperger/Maroon/Gates) 04 62 09 MECIAS PANTING HOES (Wright/Avila/Rose/Engle)...


night owl gets the book worm

Contrary to the previous post, I wasn’t up all night playing the new game, I was up reading. I started with some non-fiction, then onto some fiction, then some comic books. I think I had a little too much caffeine...