tedious, but painless

This is some really tedious crap-work I’m doing, converting a 120 page document for use on the web, but at least it gets the time moving along. I’ve got the iPod on randomize, and the co-workers are all quietly working too. It’s like a super-productive beehive at the moment.
The weekend was a lot of fun, I saw Kill Bill, Vol 2 – good movie, predictable ending, and it was nice to know that my lip-reading skills are up to par that I was aware of “The Bride’s” name before it was revealed in the movie, at least her first name.
Made some hummus on Sunday according to ‘s recipe with consulting from my mediterranean cookbook, it turned out quite well, though a little strong on lemon juice, which I countered with salt. Hopefully after a night in the fridge, it will be a little better off. I picked up a mess o’ lemons at the Whole Foods, planning on making some fresh lemonade this week.
My game should arrive today when I get home, I’m also going to be able to get rid of my old monitor, and possibly my A/C unit. I acquired a bike over the weekend so I have to figure out where I’m going to keep it. Hopefully our garage has a bike cage that I can use. We don’t have a parking space, so I rarely.. ok never go down there. I’ll need a lock first anyway. But there’s definitely no room in my apartment, and being on the first floor, it’ll get stolen before I can say blueberry pancake.
Any suggestions where to get bike equipment? Helmet, lock, water bottle or camelback? Open ears, here.

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