read the signs

You. Yes, you. If you add one thing to your daily list of things, it’s to pay attention, listen to people when they talk to you (since they think you’re listening to them), be aware of your surroundings and especially.. read signs.
This morning, I was nearly clipped by a van (if my bag had been swinging out in front of me, I’m sure I would have been dragged) when I had the light, but apparently the “No Turn on Red” sign was more of a challenge than a rule for them. (This comes from a time, when driving with our realtor and he realized he was going the wrong way, he saw a sign that read “No U-Turn” and said, “Well I’m going to try it anyway. What do you know, the sign’s wrong!”) They weren’t on a cell phone, their radio wasn’t up too loud, they just decided that they were a fantastic driver and that the rules didn’t apply to them.1
As we were driving back from bowling this past Monday, my roommate mentioned how much he hates driving in DC (after living here a year, you’d think he’d be used to it%
29 since the signs don’t give you enough notice for certain things. And while there are a few places that this is true, I pointed out to him that often there are plenty of signs to give notice, but 1: He’s not paying attention and 2: The signs don’t help when you blaze by them traveling at least 10-20 miles over the speed limit combined with fact #1. Then again, this is a man that can drive to the same place 15 times in a row, and each time have absolutely no recollection of the previous trip, repeatedly asking for directions.
Maybe all intersections need Right-On-Red signal lights with green arrows to make it easier on people, pedestrians mostly. They could also install cameras at crosswalks to keep cars’ noses out of them. I’m so tempted to carry a hammer or a brick around in my bag and let it swing a little too much when I have to walk *around* the front of a car just to cross the street with the light.
But paying attention would solve so much. People can’t possibly be so wrapped up in themselves. This applies while driving, walking, using the metro, even taking elevators/escalators, while shopping, ordering food in a restaurant. Like the gubbermint says, be ready. And always know where the bathrooms are, and the exits. Especially the nearest one after you’ve beaten someone to a pulp for
getting on your nerves and need a quick getaway. 😉

1. Walk/Don’t Walk signs don’t count, since frankly no one reads those except seeing eye dogs, and most of them aren’t signs as much as they’re pictures. And frankly if a sign gives me the hand, I’m walking anyway just to spite it. :>

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