fantabulous night…

Photo: Michael Buble
and I saw Michael Bublé last night at Lisner Auditorium.
It was a wonderful show. Kinda like stepping back into the 50s to hit Vegas and see the Rat Pack in the casino lounge, or to DS9 geeks it was like going to Quark’s and seeing Vic Fontaine (odd that even after the series are long gone, they still haven’t updated the site with actor/character photos. see James Darren, the actor that played Vic).
There were a few sappy moments, a few moments for cheap applause, but the most memorable is where he talks to the men in the audience, “I know your wives, girlfriends or boyfriends dragged you here tonight and that’s ok, because I’m here for you. I’m up here singing and doing what I do… because I want each and every one of you to get laid tonight.”
It was a relatively quick show, though it didn’t really feel like it, longer movies have felt shorter in comparison, but he performed for maybe an hour and 30 or 45 mins. The walk home was nice as well, but it’s getting to be hotter than sin outside. This morning I’m still a little damp from the walk to the metro. I’m not really a believer in short sleeved shirts in the office, I tend to think they make me look as if I’m going to sunday school, but I may have to find something office suitable, since they’re predicting an average high of 86 for this whole week. *ugh*

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