swing and a miss

Well I was woken up by Michael on my cell phone this morning, but that’s all good since I had an apartment showing at 10:30, or so I thought. I’m getting myself together and such, though let me tell ya, it’s HARD to get out of bed when you wanna sleep in and cuddle… the phone rings, it’s Mary Kay (silly me, thinking having that name would denote professionalism) and she says, “Guess what, I came into my office and there’s a deposit for the property. Sorry!”
This wouldn’t be so annoying if she’d have actually read my e-mails in which I asked many things, but the most important was whether others were considering the property or not. Call me rude, but I do think that it’s my business to know whether I should think about moving quickly or not.
So I headed home, on my bike no less, showered & changed and headed into the office. It’s totally Friday here so people are gabby and leaving early and all that. My crossword answers were correct and I’m thinking about trying today’s. I’m not at a NYT level
or anything, but it is a nice diversion between web work.

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