the point of loss

A friend just called me up, in tears, deep gasping sobbing tears, because he’d gotten e-mail from a guy he liked that he’d written off as a lost cause. the e-mail was something simple, but definitely final and it just caused him to go over the edge and break down.
I’ve been there myself, for me it was watching “The Hours” and a certain scene hit me and sent me running off to the bathroom to cry for a good 5 to 10 minutes and left my roommate wondering if I was having a nervous breakdown.
I have to say that for the both of us, it was a significant place, a point of loss. We hadn’t had relationships like the ones that we’d ended before and they felt like our best chances for happiness so while you feel like you can file it away as just another failed relationship, the realization sits around in the back of your mind waiting to be triggered. I choose to see it as advancing to the next stage of relationships, a way of telling myself, “See? You were this happy with this person, and that means that you don’t need to settle for someone less than you deserve ever again.” All of this occurs to you after you%2
7ve gone through half a box of tissues, however. It’s a good thing though, a way that you can truly say “I’ve let it go.”

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