enough about me.. look at this!

iPod mini wedding cake!
This is just a few steps away from it turning into a cult, folks.
Things have been busy, and I really want some bear DNA spliced into mine so I can just hibernate for a few months. But it’s all good.
I got the keys to my new place last night. I had to leave work early with a very bad migraine that blurred my vision and turned the sun into a glowing ball of brain-shattering, piercing light that made for a very bad walk home when I left my shades at home. We had bowling which went well, but I fear our place in the ranks may be going down. And I slept funny or something as my neck is killing me this morning.
The landlord still has more work to have done on the place, but I can start putting my things in anytime now and the window people and plumbers can just work around them.
The place looks to have a little flaw or two that I doubt even the landlord knows about, since it seems that he just bought the place himself and now has to leave overseas. So I feel as much like a renter as I do a property manager, thankfully, he will be hiring an actual property manager, so I’ll have someone to tell when the shower unexpectedly starts pumping out blood every full moon or something. Maybe I should start that diet

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