San Diego anyone?

Going to ComicCon?
Stop by the PvP booth for me and pick me up some goodies!

Want a free copy of City of Heroes? Come to booth 1229!
Posted on Thursday, July 15, 2004
Were you planning on stopping by the PvP booth (#1229), to pick up a plush Skull or maybe one of the two PvP trades? What if I told you that if you bought all three for 50 bucks, you got a copy of City of Heroes thrown in for FREE?
That’s right. Spend 50 bucks to buy a Skull plush, PvP: The Dork Ages and PvP at Large and you get a copy of City of Heroes FOR FREE!
So make Booth 1229 the first place you hit when you walk in the door because I doubt my supplies of COH will last long. You were gonna spend 50 bucks at booth 1229 anyway, right? Now you get a copy of COH for the trouble.
Seriously though, anyone going, lemme know. 😀

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