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The weekend was nice.  No plans, very play-it-by-ear (which can have it’s problems at times), and most of all, very relaxing. 

Saw Spider-Man 2 (yes, finally) and it was good, but a little too much emotional schmaltz in some spots.. and some foreshadowing for potential future baddies and near-baddies (I’m surprised Flash Thompson hasn’t managed to show up anywhere), and I dunno about y’all, but I remember Harry Osborne being much more of a milksop with bad hair in the comic, not this really hot when angry guy who easily stepped into the inheritance shoes.  Then again, the elder Osborne didn’t die in his first appearance either.  That’s the problem with letting the villain know who the hero is in a movie.  From then on, you immediately know that he’s going to die in the end.  Because this isn’t the 60s anymore, where a bad guy might stew for 5-10 issues over the best way to use the information.. it’s the 00’s where a villain would just put the info out on ebay or a billboard.  *eh*  The Aunt May character did particularly shine in this outing as opposed to the original film, and some staples of the comic came through.  I might see a 3rd movie, but I doubt I’d buy any of them.  If I did, they’d just sit on the shelf unwatched.
We went to the zoo, but it was a rare day for the animals, and the pandas weren’t really receiving guests.  I have some pics.. somewhere.  Saturday evening I baked cookies (while Matthew watched), and the new oven more than stands up to the test of my wares, so there’ll likely be many more baking experiments in the weeks to come.
Sunday was a bit of shopping (got some $80 kc unlisted shoes for $16) and wandering around and then home to laundry, which even on a Sunday was pretty easy, the laundry room was empty, so I put my stuff in and walked down the block to buy milk and lemons from the Bestway and then headed back upstairs to watch Justice League Unlimited and The Venture Brothers.  I’m really loving having this stuff recorded on a DVD-R/W..  it’s beautiful quality when I watch and I can push one button to erase it for the next time.  It’s no Tivo, but it’s close enough for now.
I played some CoH and hit level 19 with my Controller, the milestone level 20 is just within my grasp and then I can get a second costume for my PC, though I don’t know if I will or not.  The in-game currency is easy to gain when you aren’t thinking about it, but when you want stuff it seems to take forever to earn it.
Now, onwards to Monday…

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