best intentions…

I feel really bad for anyone trying to send me flowers at the office. I got a voice message this morning, left yesterday afternoon at 1:45 & 1:47 (?) to say that a local place has a flower delivery for me and to please call them back (?). So I call this morning and the woman tells me “Oh you’re in a government building sir, so we had to call to see if we could deliver them to you.” (Wouldn’t you check on this BEFORE you accepted the order in the first place?) I told her that there’s a visitor’s desk and that they can come there.
Jeez I hope someone wasn’t expecting a thank you for those… And I hope that they didn’t just put the same arrangement on ice and it’s a day old now. Hm.
* Update – The mystery of the flowers has been solved.. but not after some more hoop-jumping to obtain them. Craziness.

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