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I’ve refrained from posting a lot because my posts are either slipping into the mundane “work is good, went home, played CoH, went to bed” sort or the “this is a cool link” sort. Both are fine, I suppose, but sometimes the more people that I realize are reading this on their friends list (let alone those strange people that actually go to my website directly), I don’t want to seem as boring as I actually am.
That said, this morning I am riding a wave of nostalgia as I have some unflavored instant oatmeal, just oats and sugar. My mother’s sister Aunt Gwen used to make me, my brother and our three cousins oatmeal when we stayed with her. She’s make the oats thick and then dump a healthy amount of sugar and butter in them, and then a spoonful of milk in each bowl, never more than a spoonful. I loved them oats like Stewie loves his pancakes.
Last night in City of Heroes, after a rather fun Scavenger Hunt with my Supergroup (what color are posters for Ballet & Modern Dance? and what year was Paragon City founded?), we went on a few missions, including an outdoor one where we faced a Devouring Earth
Archvillain, my first.. named Tanya. 😛 It was fun, but not something you do without a good scrapper and healer around. I’ve never dropped a monster that gave over 2k xp before. Very nice and a good time!
Now back to Monday.. the weekend glamour is starting to wear off and I’m remembering all the things that I have to get done at the office. Damn.

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