I learned a new word!

oenophile: a lover or connoisseur of wine

Something else to put on a t-shirt and make people think its something naughty.

Last night was fun, headed out with Jenifer for dinner, coffee and a drag king show. Steak for dinner and a cyber coffee house, which gave me an interesting idea as I saw people’s laptops carrying everything from music to cruising sites. If you’re in a coffee house and see someone cute, I wonder how successful a craigslist posting would be at that moment… Max Von Sydow as Ming the Merciless (Flash Gordon)Everything about the evening was fun up to the drag king show at Chaos. I would never have thought the statement, “Well I guess it’s a lot easier for a man to look like a woman than vice versa” would have ever come to mind, but I think the “standards” of drag kings just look absurd. So many “facial hair” styles resembled Max Von Sydow as Ming the Merciless, it was amusing, and the side burns…. just odd. And their “performances” depend much more on props and skits made of the songs, than just going out with a fake mic (or not) and lip syncing as if the song was your own. However the women loved it anyway.

Still, the worst part was the WAITING. The show constantly hovered on the edge of seeming to start and then nothing. After it did, there was a little rowdy dyke action going on next to us, and I positioned myself to catch a woman that was doing a little too much shoving while Jenifer helped break things up a little bit, though she did get an innocent-bystander glancing shot in her side which I’m sure will flower a lovely looking bruise.

It was a great evening though, I never would have foreseen Jenifer and I hanging out as much as we do, but I guess we really have similar temperaments. I’ve been lamenting the cooling off of some of my friendships lately, but there are others that are warming up at the same time, so I guess this is a natural cycle. I love my friends, and friendships just like relationships, take work, but sometimes I don’t want to be doing all the work, you want to be met halfway or at least have a role reversal sometimes to the point where you can be the one that gets the calls as opposed to always making them.

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