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From the following article: At Philadelphia International Airport, which since Saturday had been having cancellations, delays and other problems – including stranded passengers forced to sleep in terminals, spokesman Mark Pesce said yesterday afternoon’s snow wasn’t making things any worse.
Throngs of passengers prowled the baggage-claim areas, looking through row after row of bags that airline officials say went astray over the weekend because of weather-related flight cancellations. At midafternoon, more than 1,200 pieces of luggage were yet to be reunited with their owners in the US Airways bag-claim area in the B-C Terminal. An additional 500 or so bags were stacked up in Delta Air Lines’ Terminal E area. Three dozen bags hadn’t been claimed at United Airlines’ area in Terminal D.

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: There were more baggage woes for passengers arriving at Philadelphia International Airport after this weekend’s snowstorm.
Mountains of baggage were scattered in the US Airways baggage claim area Monday. After the airport opened back up Sunday, many angry passengers had to wait more hours just to get their bags.
But unlike last month’s troubles, there were no US Airways volunteers serving food and drinks or answering questions.
US airways blames ice and snow for the problems, but a union source tells Action News that short-staffing also contributed to the baggage pile up.

There are others too, but I’m not seeing the onslaught of publicity about it that they had over xmas. Naturally, crying families missing their clothing and belongings on christmas eve makes for much better newsreel.

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