i need a weekend for my weekend

Dinner Friday night, Lunch Saturday, Dinner Saturday, movie (Return of the King, 4 hours, oy!) on Sunday. I definitely need a break. 🙂 It was fun though.
Things I learned: Spices in Cleveland Park is a great place, edamame is YUMMY, a badly mixed Long Island Iced Tea will still get you just as hammered – just not as much fun to drink, is fun to talk to on the phone after midnight, racing someone on foot down Connecticut Ave is fun even less than a block, sharing a pitcher and a half of margaritas over lunch seems fun at the time but follows you all day, don’t buy wine when you’re hammered*, don’t try to shop when you’re hammered*, getting a hangover at 10pm is a bitch and a half*, patience is a virtue, snowy evenings make a wonderful backdrop to a date, snowy afternoons are great for watching movies, the smallest gift can still carry a lot of meaning, wood floors are dangerous in socks once Swiffer’d…
And many other lessons as well, which I can’t recall at the moment*
* see pitcher and a half of margaritas

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