Bwothewy Wuv…

Mmmmm, Philly. (so that’s what that smell is)
The train ride last night was without incident, though I got on the quiet car so it was a very silent ride up. Thank goodness for Eddie Izzard and iPods. About to give a call and see if he wants to hang out, though I’ve found more wifi spots in ‘s apartment, so I’m good to hang out here or at the coffeehouse down the street and be a techno geeky bum. I’m semi-familiar with the city, so I could take a walk, but that’s about it. I wouldn’t really know any hot spots to hit. It’s very different from DC. Streets are a little less wide, so it feels as if its always looming, plus there are more single-lane one way streets behind things, tightening it up even more.
It’s like going back to your high/elementary school and wondering how the heck you ever fit in the hallways 4 kids across.
Looking forward to hanging out tonight, I had a pepperoni cheese steak last night.. Oh my god. SO good, but I am feelin’ it this morning. And I had coffee this AM, so I’ll be buzzy a little later on
The cat’s staring at me.. I better go before she charges the laptop since its warm.

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