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Why I’m giving up broadband
Article at BBC News. The bits that stuck out to my attention:
And the only thing I’ve discovered that really gives my ADSL a workout is, sadly, illegal. I’d rather not go into it here. Let’s just say it’s the not-so-well-kept secret of what everyone is using broadband for. Depending on who you talk to, between 50% and 65% of all internet traffic is currently peer-to-peer (p2p) piracy. Everyone’s doing it. Do you know what technology makes it possible? Yep. Broadband.
So very, very true. *Yaaar*
Sit down to work. Ten minutes in, the new mail icon tempts me from the bottom of the screen. I’ll just check. Nothing like a few juicy new e-mails. Click a few links. Scan a few websites. Oh 20 minutes has just passed. Better get back to work. Now where was I? Start work again. Feel like a reward. I’ll just check See if anything’s happened in the three minutes since I last looked. Follow a few ‘related links’…
Half an hour has passed. I feel like I’ve done something, but actually I haven’t. All that’s happened is that I’ve been distracted by constantly rising info urges. I spend most of my day like this, divided between what I need to do and what the internet wants me to do – which is look at it. Constantly.

That sounds like about 3 out of 5 of my weekly mornings.

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