messy and spiky, like my volleyball game

Quick recap: Friday night, dinner with Will, met LJers Dean
and George. Saturday bummed around, racked up massive debt in CoH. Sunday brunched with Jenifer, cleaned and had a drinks date at the Fireplace. Busy weekend.

With my taxes all done and just waiting on the auto-deposit, I’ve decided that I’ll purchase a Mac mini with part of the refund. I will also see about changing up my W-4 form so that I don’t get quite so much coming back to me next year. I have no problem with a refund, but I’m no longer caught up in the “Woo hoo, bonus!” feeling.. I’m more like “Hey, that’s MY money and it could have been earning interest!” The rest will go into savings… really.. it will.. Stop looking at me like that!

So yeah dinner on Friday very nice, I love meeting/making new friends, especially from LJ, and especially hot guys from LJ. 😉 We ate at Mt. Everest near Dupont, Nepalese Tibetan and Indian cuisine. Very nice, my Tandoori chicken came all sizzling like I was at Applebees or something. We were to meet at 7 and amazingly enough I got out of the house on time and was a bit early, when Will txt’d me that dinner was pushed back to 7:30. Damnit.. I’m not much good on my own, but I did walk around the neighborhood and over to the circle into Lambda Rising to actually buy a book (very rare for me) and then slowly strolled back over to meet them for dinner. I also bought a new phone earlier that day at work, a Motorola v265, I got it through ebay for over 1/2 off the retail price since Verizon Wireless, may they burn in hell, doesn’t give a shit that a customer has a broken phone and would rather make me wait til my anniversary date before offering me a discounted phone.

Saturday, I was a bum… ’nuff said. Our d20 gaming was canceled due to sick GM, so the most I accomplished was playing City of Heroes, and all I managed to do was show that having a week off makes me a horrible player. I racked up debt left and right. But in one case it wasn’t my fault. I was playing with a team, and the team’s Tanker (high defense, high offense, no ranged abilities) would gain the baddie mobs’ attention, then jump back to the main group of defenders and blasters… and we’d be toast each time. And I really don’t like telling anyone how to play their character, since I don’t like the same done to me, but I did, politely at first, eventually tear this player a new asshole. I also grouped up with someone from Alan’s supergroup and I might just join it, it’s the Fraternal Association of GBLT Superheroes (note what the acronym will be) or something. But I have to tell a player that probably thinks I’m a chick, that I’m a dude.. and gay. I never know how people will react to that online. Watched the 2nd Dr. Who episode and I was impressed.. it was very old school, except why’s the “hot black chick” always gotta bite it? What’s up with that? And we learned a bit more about the wandering Doctor’s reasons for wandering. A shame we’ll be losing that actor, but we’ll manage.

Sunday was The Day to Get Outside. I chatted up Jenifer who ambushed me for brunch plans, and until it was time to head out with her, I set up a live streaming webcam from my home machine to the net, linkable off my journal page. When it’s on, that is, via a dynamic IP address redirect. It’s really kinda cool, but I imagine if a lot of people tried to slam it all at once, I couldn’t do anything else online. 🙂 Jenifer and I had brunch at Guapo’s and I had a rather nice margarita and then we did a bit of shopping at The Container Store. I am such a kitchen geek that I found it exciting to buy an ice cube tray with the mold in jagged shapes for the ice. Indulging my Basic Instinct fantasy without the icepick, I guess.

Today I’m listening to some new music, Blue Note plays Prince, Mariah Carey’s new one, an Ibiza House mix (very good) and Faith Evans’ new album. Mariah’s album isn’t all that… unique. She seems to enjoy her standard diva tracks with famous rapper interjections – the poor woman still laboring under the impression that she’s black apparently. The Blue Note album is interesting, jazzy, but not that cannibalistic “smooth jazz” that you grow to hate (and my father loves). Listening to Faith Evans now and it has a good start, but the woman can sing so I expected nothing less.

D’oh… the title of the entry refers to my hair lately… it’s getting long, I’m not yet in a mood to cut it, so it’s been styled but a little on the messy side and occasionally spiky. This morning I had an Alfalfa cowlick that a co-worker asked me to fix. I told her it was improving my cell phone reception and left it alone.

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