Labor Day, woo-hoo!

I have truly been enjoying this weekend to the fullest. I have gone shopping, I have seen friends, I’ve gone out to lunch. I have made some wonderful cocktails, I have enjoyed movies, and today I’m going with my friend Jenifer over to Great Falls, Virginia for a picnic and cookout and possibly Frisbee, though I’m not 100% sure on the Frisbee. I might be in a little bit of trouble because she said she’s on her way over now and the brownies have only just come out of the oven.

I suppose that it’s a testament to how relaxing and enjoyable my weekend was as these entries lately are kind of dull, but that’s what comes from not being annoyed by anything and not having any stress and not being bullied by service personnel, etc. well the guy Hecht’s did tell me that my shoe size was 11 1/2 when it is totally a 12 or 13. And in the case of Steve Madden shoes, it is most definitely a 13. And the woman at the Body Shop was a little bit pushy as far as the savings card program, however since it is my birthday month, I ended up getting it for free and will saved some money on his purchase too, and thanks his recommendation of their shaving cream, I’m at least smooth faced with no irritation whatsoever so that’s nice.

Additionally, I’m still not quite in the habit of speaking my entries instead of typing them, but everything has a learning curve. And so far that’s about it for the weekend, though I did see Jason and his friend/roommate Kyle over at borders around Pentagon City and I haven’t seen him since our last work happy hour so it was good to catch up for a little bit.

Now must go and find shirt before Jenifer calls…

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