Tips to Tame Your Tongue

From this Washington Post article:

Tips to Tame Your Tongue

  1. Recognize that swearing does damage.
  2. Start by eliminating casual swearing. Pretend that your grandmother or your young daughter is always next to you.
  3. Think positively.
  4. Practice being patient. When you are stuck in line or in traffic, ask yourself if a few more minutes matter.
  5. Cope, don’t cuss. Consider even the smallest annoyance a challenge, and feel proud of yourself for taking care of it cheerfully and efficiently.
  6. Stop complaining. Before you start griping or whining about something, remind yourself that no one really wants to hear about it.
  7. Use alternative words. Develop your own list of alternatives to the nasty words you now use, relying on your own intelligence, a thesaurus, good books and clever TV shows.
  8. Make your point politely. Some substitute words can be just as offensive if your tone is abrasive or you insult someone.
  9. Think of what you should have said.
  10. Work at it.

SOURCE: Cuss Control Academy

Hell, everyone just practicing numbers 3 through 7 would put LiveJournal and similar sites out of business. 😀

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