truer words…

4th panel from 3/22/05 Diesel Sweeties comic, link below…were never spoken by a fictional 2-dimensional (in more ways than one) alcoholic robot loving ex-porn star. From today’s Diesel Sweeties.

Last night’s bowling was ok, I bowled well, but it still wasn’t enough to win more than one game out of three. Daniel was there, but didn’t say anything to me, actually looked shocked when I waved to him on the way in. I guess this is a new type of being friends in which you don’t say anything to each other. Hm. And the bowler that had an issue with Jenifer has decided, that since he can’t have her removed from her office (which I suspect was the start of a campaign to have her removed from or try to make her leave the league) he’s decided to leave the league, a decision which very few of us were sad about. I’m sad that someone felt that a single person being present completely ruined their fun, but I’m not sad that the single person is one of my best friends, so screw him and let him act like a baby if he likes. At least his Monday nights will be free now.

Since it was a day of the week with a “y” in it, I did play some City of Heroes yesterday, also watched the past week’s “The Hollow Men” which was cute yet again, this time a song about lawyers and a company trying to market pork to gay people. Sadly no jokes about masculinity, cooking and m2m oral sex. But they can’t punch every week. 🙂

I got 3 free songs so far from the Apple iTunes/Pepsi promotion, but I’m not sure what songs to get, so if anyone has any suggestions, I’d appreciate it. I get to put the codes in and save them til the end of May, so I’m willing to try new stuff or just wait and use them all on Christina Aguilera remixes at the last minute… (kidding)

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