from Russia with Spice

Thank goodness for debatably legal mp3 stores from .ru. I managed to get my Jill Scott cd again, that I’ve been looking for forever and very likely left the cd in the drive of my old PC at the EPA (that’s the only place it could still be…) Also got Emma Bunton’s new one (don’t laugh at my Spice Girl fondness, it’s a good cd) and a few Hotel Costes cds (love me some house/lounge/electro/dance grooves) and the overall price was very reasonable, though from my research, pretty pricy in their own currency.

It was a pretty slow weekend for me, I ended up making some sorbet base mixes, strawberry and banana, got my new Tomorrow People dvd set and managed to make it through one story arc before succumbing to the nap urge, it was pretty warm on Saturday, even with windows open. Sunday we went to the Vintage Virginia wine festival, I got to taste quite a few wines, picked up a few bottles and took home a lot of notes and thoughts on what I might buy in future. I just need to be invited more places I can bring a bottle of wine. Having one on my own at home is a daunting task, even with a food spread (which I am still trying to avoid so I don’t look like a swiss cake roll in my Speedo at the beach)

Still, ERASURE tonight! I’m excited, but not as excited as I was on the original date of the concert, but I know I’ll have a good time, hopefully meet up with the other LJers going and meet some new LJ people.

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