he just learns differently

From Johnathon:

Directions: Type “(your name) is” with the quotes, into a Google search then pick out your favorite 10 responses. Copy, then repost your responses.

Brian Is Gay!
Brian is really smart he just learns differently.
Brian is a cross-platform jump-and-run platform game.
Brian is Very Confused.
Brian is considered a “musician’s musician.”
Brian is born in a stable on Christmas, right next to You Know Who.
Brian is a typical nobody living in Palestine.
Brian is a real person.
Brian is a metaphor for spiritual peace.
Brian is morphing this week.
Brian is an avid believer in controlling one’s own destiny.

I did 11, since two came from the same reference to Life of Brian, still fun though. A little more interesting than the results I got with Googlism, though those were fun too.

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