MNS? Isn’t that a disease?

A spam job offer that just amused me. Gotta love language translators! But wow, an Executive Manager position! And the skill requirements aren’t straight!

Hello Sir or Madam,
MNS, Inc starts a new project in the USA and for this reason is looking 
for a responsible, well-motivated, well-executive and reliable person to 
take care of the project's needs.

According to this fact we are offering you a position of the Executive 
Manager of MNS, Inc.

If you are in searching of the secure job, please response this message for 
more detailed description of the opportunity. Don't think that skill 
requirements are straight - for us it's much more important to find responsible, 
well-motivated and reliable person to handle our needs.

Please forward all your questions and comments to

With due respect,
Human resources department of MNS, Inc. 

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