not crabby enough

All’s I’m saying is.. if you advertise a pasta dish with crabmeat and oregano.. SAY that you’re using imitation crabmeat. Sugared and food colored whiting fish is not crabmeat.

Last night Jenifer and I went to Radius, the new pizza place down the street from me. I can’t say that I was terribly impressed. It suffers from the same DC ambience that most places do. Too slim and long, so the sound bounces off of everything and you can barely hear yourself think. I was impressed with what they did with the layout, managing to fit bar and tables into the place. The pizza was good, but a little too ambitious, I think. I like a New York style thinner pizza, but I like them when you can actually pick them up without everything sliding off the point (I don’t mind the drippy orange oil) onto the pan/plate. Ours had mushrooms, kalamata olives, sopresetta and spinach. Yummy but quite salty.

I had fun with City of Heroes when I got home, made the banana sorbet, which actually benefitted from being in the fridge for a little while, it does have the more sweeter/riper banana taste, next time I’ll cool down the sugar water first, then mash the bananas into it so I can control the level of ripeness. The strawberry sorbet tastes great tho. I’m fully ready to welcome the summer heat, but it seems that some people in our building haven’t any A/C yet unfortunately (as our email list seems to indicate). I haven’t been running the air non-stop, but it is nice to be able to sleep, or come home from work to a dry apartment.

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