search for what, “John Smith?” – just find him!

Went to a screening of Mr. & Mrs. Smith last night with Josh, as he’s a Smith and the screening was only open to Smith’s and their plus ones. It was cute, think True Lies meets The War of the Roses – the score was well suited to the film, and Vince Vaughn… can he play any other character than Vince Vaughn? And there was enough, but not too much eye candy in the film. After watching the documentary on female stunt workers, I now marvel at every film where I see a woman that’s supposed to be tough and kick ass.. yet wearing the most improbable outfits to do so in, just because they’re hot.

I also got a Mr. Smith t-shirt… It’ll come in handy when I’m going incognito, or at least it would except for being X-Large and black. Still, a nice freebie. Not as great as the shot glasses we got for seeing The Last Shot though.

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