t-shirt sins

On a t-shirt downstairs: “When God made me, he was just showing off.”

I can understand the whole love for the lord thing, but isn’t spreading a big ol’ sin of Pride across your chest just asking for trouble?

I’m enjoying my own bit of Gluttony at the moment with a butterscotch sundae. I’m sent off running and screaming from the scale every few days, but I don’t care. It’s warm out, it’s beautiful out, I deserved ice cream (since I eat ice cream maybe once every other month).

Last night was much fun, as I said the movie was great, but even better was seeing the two women that brought one of my tv icons to life, Lynda Carter + Jeannie Epper = Wonder Woman. Even better was Jeannie having a big bruise on her head from a recent commercial shoot, and Lynda having a cast on her arm from an ATV accident. Both were pretty down to earth, but Lynda was really trying to be “one of the girls” and ended up taking a lot of talking time, which was fine except that the movie wasn’t about her. She had two or three interview spots in the film.

After the film I accompanied Jenifer to Dyke Night at the DC Eagle. It was interesting, but they just sat around in the sports bar downstairs talking and signing to one another. Actually more signers than talkers, so I was relying on my own lip reading and body language to understand what they were talking about, but I did learn ASL for “the internet”. We also both had a little nausea from our drinks, but it hit Jenifer more than me and there was an interesting incident on the way home that, shame on me, I start to giggle about when I even think about it… but I’ll leave that to Jenifer to tell in her own blog.

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  1. Jenifer says:

    it definitely was a night to remember! I can remember a similar incident at the university of delaware at a gay student conference I went to in 1992, and I guess it’s time to learn that if nauseous, one should probably not attempt to drive . . . .

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