star wars memories

I remember being in line for the first Star Wars… and falling asleep watching it. Well I was 5 at the time.

Last night I went to see Star Wars 3 at the Uptown with a friend, and it was great on that humongous screen and all, the crowd was appropriately snarky and giggly during a lot of the Anakin/Padme dialogue moments and the Wookie planet elicited a lot of giggles too. At some point during the film, my friend leans over and asks,

What happened to his [Anakin’s] arm?

An appropriate jaw-dropping take followed and it was then admitted that they didn’t see Episode 2. Ok, ok, no big deal.. there’s Netflix to correct that and all, but.. wow.

However I tend to miss a lot of movies too because people see them without me and don’t ask, and by the time I ask others they’ve already gone and I don’t do the “But I’ll see it again with you” pity date unless it’s a particularly hot blockbuster of a movie.

Still.. wow.

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