pig in a pokey!

PaulineI just rented and watched (in one evening, no less, that’s a record for me) the 2nd series of The League of Gentlemen and I still can’t get some of the bits out of my head. Somehow due to all the other shows I was trying to catch, I missed BBC America’s showing of this season, and never even knew it existed, though it does explain how Pauline ended up in prison. The 3rd series is on its way, hopefully I’ll be able to take it with me this weekend when I visit the parents (oy!).

This series was darker than the first and it had a lot more linked situations from episode to episode, something they would continue in the 3rd series, though the 2nd series didn’t have each episode ending with the same event from different perspectives. Pauline is still my favorite character, a late 40s lesbian job coach (restart officer) that bullies her job-seekers and has a fascination with pens. The other actors say that when Steve Pemberton plays this character, all traces of him vanish and he totally becomes Pauline. But each of them have characters that you can see the actor in the character and others where (with or without makeup) the actor is nowhere to be seen.

Just be sure that if you’re ever in a little middle-of-nowhere English town, and you stop into a little shop on the side of the road, please say that you’re “local”.

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