helluva weekend

Friday night: drinking. Saturday night: drinking. Sunday afternoon: drinking. All in all, a GOOD weekend. 🙂

My wine shipment arrived at Will‘s place so I went over for dinner and movie (The Incredibles) and wine.. oh the wine. I believe we went through 4 bottles.. perhaps just one of them good. We cracked on the movie, then I cracked on Tivo’d episodes of Battlestar and Atlantis, while he watched them. I left about 1 or 2 maybe? Not sure, but it was a very fun evening.

Saturday I had to bow out going to Doug‘s game day due to needing to clean up the place, a LOT, since Jenifer was coming for brunch on Sunday and I had a party to go to with her that evening. I got a few hours of City of Heroes time in, but mostly cleaned up around the house and found something to wear that evening. We had a good time at the party, it was a birthday party for someone she knew and that I met at her cookie exchange, had some deadly apple-tinis some laughs, got called a new best friend by the birthday girl (the only gay man in a party full of lesbians and dykes, well duh!) – oh I wasn’t the only gay man there, there was another guest, a bit older, gave me the eye more than a few times, but I felt that the flirtation was more because I was the only other guy in the room, and not due to my soopa-hawtness. Got in late again, and played a little more City of Heroes before bed.

Sunday morning I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned! Then played some City of Heroes while the dishwasher ran. Jenifer came over and we made eggs, bacon, fruit, mimosa and english muffins and watched Girls Will Be Girls.. Dear GOD, if you haven’t seen this movie, rent-borrow-steal it or come to my place, and if you have seen it, watch it again with a few good mimosas and howl all over again. It will also help if you have a problem with snappy comebacks, this will show you how it’s done.

Then I played.. MORE City of Heroes, the main reason I was playing so much was I was trying to get my main character to level 50, and I finally did it. Yes, I’m a geek, but an accomplished one. This just means I unlock new game content, and can start playing with different types of powersets, and I started a new character later that night, but mostly watched tv and hit the sack somewhat early.

This morning I realized what I truly hate about working. Having to wear the clothes.. slacks, dress shirt, etc. I was ironing my shirt this morning, absolutely loathing it, and then I grab a very light jacket since it’s somewhat warm outside, head off to work and by the time I get in, It’s been warm enough that my sleeves have been steamed in my own heat (pretty image, that) to where they’re completely wrinkled again. Nice… reeeeeeeal nice.

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