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My weekend wasn’t exactly what I had planned on, but it was still quite unexpectedly nice. Friday after work I relaxed at home, ordered a pizza, opened a bottle of wine and played games and watched tv most of the evening. Saturday I tidied up a bit around the apartment, played games, met Josh for lunch and margaritas, then ice cream and a walk to/through the zoo. Saturday evening I had a very enjoyable date with this guy I met online, and I believe there will be at least another. Sunday I had brunch and shopping with Jenifer as we tried to find new cute clothes and stuff for the beach. Sunday evening was pretty slow, some games and reading, chatting online. I made cookies for a party on Monday at Barbara and Lori’s place which was nice, we cooked out, sat around chatting and laughing, got a few hands of poker going… ok more than a few. We were using coins as “1 unit” tokens, and people kept running out or taking the whole pot and we went to Giant to pick up m&m’s to use instead. We left shortly after the DC fireworks ended and I got home to watch even more official and unofficial fireworks shows in other parts of the city from my window. Unfortunately I couldn’t get to sleep as early as I’d liked as people were still shooting them off well past midnight.

I started out the holiday weekend in a very raw and pissy mood, but thankfully I recovered and turned that around to still have a good time. More thoughts on my mood in a later post, I think.

And 4 Days to the Beach!

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