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I forgot to even mention the drinks date I had at The Fireplace Sunday evening. I’d been chatting with this guy online during the day and I was impressed at his use of proper spelling and sentence structure, so we e-mailed back and forth and eventually agreed to meet out for a drink. I was completely throwing caution to the wind as I had no idea what he looked like, just a basic physical description.

So… I get there a bit early and the place is kinda full, but I manage to order a cocktail and find a corner to turn invisible in, which worked a little too well as groups of people kept stopping right in front of me to clique up and I was quickly trapped between someone’s back and the wall while dodging either cigarettes or flailing limbs.

I waltzed through the crowd, something I probably do too easily in bar situations, perhaps the point is to bump up against people on your way around, but that seems to invite too many spills and burns to me.. and found a seat at the bar near my usual bartender there (in the once every three month visits I make) and waited. I knew he’d be wearing a ballcap and a basic idea what he looked like. He finally appeared, at least I was pretty sure this was him, but he couldn’t seem to find me, but made the usual Fireplace circuit, which is once around the downstairs, then slowly heading towards the stairs and going up, then coming back down and deciding where one will perch. I caught his attention on his second pass of the first floor.

We had a very good chat over some drinks, he’s cute, smart, funny, going to school full-time (he went back at 30). I had a good time and wouldn’t mind doing so again. Perhaps my luck is changing… *shrug* I did have a few too many Citron Screwdrivers however, and on the way home unwisely decided to call up a friend to see what they were up to, so we hung out for a bit until both of us nearly fell asleep on each other and I wobbled home.

Co-workers and I took a walking break this afternoon to go see the Cherry Blossoms, they look lovely, as usual, and of course I’m suffering from it. My sneezes are scaring people and someone’s asked me if my head exploded. Time for Claritin or it’s non-union Mexican equivalent, methinks. I do have a coupon for money off the CVS brand.

We bowl tonight, and will be next to, but not playing against Daniel’s team, the “I’m not interested in you romantically, but still want to hang out with you, you’re funny” guy that hasn’t called or e-mailed me or even acknowledged my presence since saying that over the phone to me. So this’ll be fun, I’m sure. I’ll probably be bringing a book with me to read anyway. I still have to make my way through The Art of Eating.

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